Current Establishment

SIMFEX ACADEMY has a staffing of 36 full-time employees, namely:

  • 2 Directors
  • 1 School Manager
  • 6 Pre School Teachers
  • 15 Primary School Teachers
  • 4 Evening Classes Teachers
  • 8 General Workers


As the demand for its services increases, the Academy plans to employ more staff thus creating more employment opportunities.

General labour requirements

From the outset all staff have been given job descriptions. New staff take Aptitude Tests and then spend time with each member of the SIMFEX ACADEMY team. In addition to this, we ensure that all our staff visit other educational and skills training centres to learn and share with their colleagues on the best way of service delivery in the sector.

Availability of required skills in the area

Chamba Valley and surrounding areas such as Chelstone, Avondale and Kaunda Square boast of a middle-class community of citizens who have managed to educate their children in a number of fields. Our brief assessment of the available skills in the area has confirmed that finding the right staff for the continuous running of the ACADEMY would not present a big problem.